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FIFA World Rankings 2018, Africa, Asia, Germany – FIFA World Cup Inc.

FIFA World Rankings

FIFA World Rankings 2018, Africa, Asia, Germany – FIFA World Cup Inc.

FIFA World Rankings
FIFA World Rankings (Image Source)

FIFA World Rankings is a ranking system for national football teams in association football, currently, Germany is on the top of the list. The teams in FIFA, governing body of football, are ranked on the basis of their game outcome with the most successful teams being on the top. This ranking system was introduced in the December 1992, in which top positions were held by eight countries (Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain) have held the top position, in which Brazil has spent the longest ranked first.


Procedure to Determine FIFA World Rankings

The ranking position is taken from the opposition’s ranking in the most recently published FIFA World Rankings. The strength of teams is calculated on the basis of the number of victories by teams at the last three FIFA Worldcup tournament.

FIFA World Cup Schedule 2018

FIFA World Rankings for Women Teams

FIFA world rankings for women teams in football was introduced in 2003, FIFA Women’s World Rankings are based on every international match that a particular women team had played, dating back 1971, the first FIFA-recognized women’s international match was between France and the Netherlands. To date, Germany and the United States have been the only two teams to have led the rankings. Top two spots were held in all but in the five releases, when Germany was ranked third, Norway held the second position in the first two ranking until they were overtaken. Germany by winning the 2003 FIFA Women’s World Cup, Brazil was ranked second in March and June 2009 until Germany won 2009 Euro tournament and rejoined the top two, and #2 ranking was attained by England in March 2018.


Asia’s Position in FIFA World Rankings

FIFA world rankings, Asian countries highest ranked side are Iran (51), with reigning Asian champions

Japan (54)

South Korea (69)

Uzbekistan (71)

The United Arab Emirates (80)

Qatar (92)


Making up the continent’s top five. The Asian Cup currently taking place in Australia will be the ideal place for teams to improve their FIFA world rankings and possible break into the top 50 teams in world football. None of Asia’s four representatives at last year’s World Cup in Brazil – Iran, Japan, South Korea and Australia – won a single game.


In FIFA World Rankings, India ranks 96 in the world. The Blue Tigers achieved a ranking of 96 in 2017 which was the side’s best ranking since February 1996 when they had reached 94, the country’s highest FIFA ranking ever.

When we look at India’s movement in the FIFA world rankings since the starting of the ranking system in December 1992. In the year 1993, India started from the 100th spot in the FIFA Rankings. India was part of the FIFA 1994 the United States World Cup qualifiers and a poor gameplay in the qualifiers saw the slide down in the rankings despite a win in the inaugural SAARC Cup in Lahore. India finished the calendar year with just four victories in eighteen matches which brought them to a rank of 109 at the start of 1994.


FIFA World Rankings for African Countries

FIFA world rankings for African countries, Africa’s top team, Cote d’Ivoire, maintained its status as Africa’s number one team with its 16th rank, dropping one position from last month.

Ghana is second on the continent but dropped three places to 25th in the world ranking while Algeria maintained their 3rd place.

The biggest casualty, however, is African Champion Zambia who drops out of the continent’s top 5 after their loss to Sudan in last week’s World Cup qualifiers. The Southern African nation is now 6th in Africa and 43rd in the world.

Zambia’s place on the top 5 was taken by Libya who moved up four places to be placed 4th in Africa and 42nd in the world.


FIFA World Cup Qualifiers 2018


FIFA World Rankings for Clubs

Multiple Cups winner Real Madrid has again proved its ability by claiming its fourth success in the 2017 annual CLUB WORLD RANKING, established by the IFFHS.

This club had lastly won the top world ranking in 2000, 2002 and 2014 and is a last winner of the Club World Cup, the UEFA Champions League, the Europe Super Cup and the LIGA.



FIFA World Rankings 2018 


Rank Team Total Points Previous Points +/-
1 Germany 1544(1543.99) 1533 0
2 Brazil 1384(1384.24) 1384 0
3 Belgium 1346(1345.65) 1346 0
4 Portugal 1306(1306.35) 1306 0
5 Argentina 1254(1253.61) 1254 0
6 Switzerland 1179(1179.21) 1179 0
7 France 1166(1166.42) 1166 0
8 Spain 1162(1161.59) 1162 0
9 Chile 1146(1145.74) 1146 0
10 Poland 1128(1128.11) 1118 0


FIFA World Cup 2018 Groups

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