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What does FIFA stand for? What is FIFA? – FIFA World Cup Inc.

What does FIFA stand for? What is FIFA? – FIFA World Cup Inc.


What does FIFA stand for?

Fédération Internationale de Football Association


what does fifa stand for in soccer?

FIFA stands for “Fédération Internationale de Football Association” and is the international federation governing association football (to distinguish it from “union football”, i.e. rugby).

FIFA is an International football affiliation. Furthermore, its full shape is Federation Internationale de Football Association. It is the French name for International Federation of Asociation Football. It is in charge of major the association of football’s real global competitions. The adage of FIFA is, “For the Game. For the World.”


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The starting points of FIFA is portrayed inside its own site as:

“FIFA was established on 21 May 1904 in Paris by delegates from Belgium, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. The originators made the main FIFA statutes, binding together the lawsof the diversion to make it reasonable and clear to all players setting the establishment for all future football improvement”


What does FIFA stand for in Spanish?

qué significa fifa



What does FIFA stand for Joke?

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In spite of the fact that FIFA does not control the standards of football (that being the duty of the International Football Association Board), it is in charge of both the association of various competitions and their advancement, which produce income from sponsorship. In 2013, FIFA had incomes of more than 1.3 billion U.S. dollars, for a net benefit of 72 million, and had money stores of more than 1.4 billion U.S. dollars.


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What is FIFA?

It was shaped on 21 May 1904. Framed by 7 groups at that point, FIFA starting today has 209 groups as members. For the Game… For the World… is the official aphorism of FIFA. Gianni Infantino is the President of Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA).FIFA’s central command are arranged in Zurich, Switzerland.

The member teams represent 6 confederations of FIFA:

AFC – Asian Football Confederation
CAF – Confederation of African Football
CONCACAF – Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football
CONMEBOL – Confederación Sudamericana de Fútbol
OFC – Oceania Football Confederation
UEFA – Union of European Football Associations



FIFA Govt. Committee

The Executive Committee is presided over by the FIFA president. the chief is that the higher cognitive process body and it oversees the duties and responsibilities of the Disciplinary Committee, the commission and also the Referees committee. The Standing Committees advise the chief Committee in completing its duties. It takes choices regarding the organization of competitions and development of soccer. And in conclusion is that the General Secretariat that performs the executive duties.



FIFA President

The current FIFA president is Gianni Infantino, World Health Organization replaced by Sepp Blatter in February 2016. Infantino, World Health Organization is Swiss-Italian, antecedently served because the general secretary of UEFA since 2009 and began functioning at UEFA in 2000.

His appointment happened throughout the 2016 FIFA Extraordinary Congress in 2016 as a result of the 2015 FIFA corruption case that saw him elective to switch the discredited Blatter.

Following within the wake of the FIFA scandal, however, Infantino was conjointly involved because the Panama Papers discovered that UEFA undertook deals with figures wherever antecedently that they had explicit that any such relationship was denied. Infantino, however, explicit he’s “dismayed” at the reports – spoken communication that he has ne’er in person treated the parties concerned.



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