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World Cup Draw, FIFA 2018, Free Live Streaming – FIFA World Cup Inc.

World Cup Draw FIFA

World Cup Draw, FIFA 2018, Free Live Streaming – FIFA World Cup Inc.

World Cup Draw FIFA
World Cup Draw FIFA (Image Source)

World Cup Draw 


FIFA World Cup Draw, The first event of the FIFA World Cup start is a kind of lottery (which is known as FIFA World Cup Draw) but this lottery is not a normal lottery, instead of choosing unknown numbers, in this lottery a country is selected in starting, it used to be made in January of the world cup year until 1982 but since the 1986 World Cup it is held in early December of the year before the start of the tournament.

World Cup Draw 2018


FIFA World Cup Draw 2018, occurred on 1 December 2017 at the State Kremlin Palace in Moscow, Russia. It decided the group in which each of the 32 qualified national teams will play in at the starting of the tournament. The participating teams were divided into four pots of eight, with one team chosen from each pot to form a group.

Unlike last editions of the World Cup, all pots were determined by each national team rank from October rank of FIFA, with Pot 1 had all the highest ranking teams, Pot 2 had the next high ranked teams, and so on; in earlier editions only one pot containing the highest-ranked teams was determined by rank, with the other three pots determined by continental factors. And as the usual hosting country is kept in pot 1, or can be said hosting country is seeded already. The drawing pattern started with pot number 1 and ended with pot number 4

FIFA World Rankings 2018 of Football Teams


The popularity of FIFA World Cup


FIFA world cup 2018 the most trendy topic right now, it is an event for which people wait for 4 years, first of FIFA world cup is a draw

First of all, soccer is by far the most popular sport on the planet and its quadrennial World Cup – and not the Olympics – is the biggest and most-watched sporting event in the world. half the world population (3.6 billion people) loves soccer and desperately wait for FIFA world cup for four years.

According to Sponsorship Intelligence, a London-based firm specializing in sports marketing, the 2014 World Cup was watched, in whole or in part, by about 5.9 billion global TV viewers. Compare that with the only 3.6 billion viewers, according to Media Research, who watched some of the 17 days of TV coverage of the 20016 Rio Olympics.


FIFA world cup 2018, 21st edition of world’s most watched and loved sports event will take place between mid-June and mid-July of 2018 in Russia. The tournament will be held from June 14th, 2018 to July 15th, 2018 and 32 teams from the world will compete in this huge event to get the title of winner of “FIFA world cup 2018”.


Media Options for FIFA World Cup 2018 Live


FIFA has assured a huge coverage in the history of the FIFA with live coverage to be shown in 190 different countries across the world. FIFA has also asked many television networks to telecast the event on various platform like online and mobiles to make sure nobody misses the action.

FIFA World Cup Schedule 2018


TV Coverage


Fox Sports Go is the official telecaster of FIFA World Cup 2018 and it will be showing the live coverage of the all the matches. Fox Sports Go app is available in the apps stores like on iOS, Android, Amazon Kindle, Apple TV, Windows, Roku, etc. so you can watch the matches live from anywhere. By a monthly pass, you can earn the privilege of watching the matches live, but an expensive deal as you only get to see Fox Sports related channels but this also doesn’t stop the fans from watching FIFA live.


Online Streaming


The second option is the free online streams available on many sports websites. But we will never encourage you to opt this option, especially for such high profile event. Free online streams should be kind of last option, though this huge event can be watched online on platforms like PlayStation Vue, Hulu TV, YouTube TV etc. FIFA world cup 2018 can also be streamed online through VPN, Streamers need to be aware that despite that they subscribe to the streaming services listed above, they do require a to have a VPN. Majority of above-listed websites are geo-restricted, that means you can only access them these websites from their origin country only. In order to watch FIFA 2018 games, particularly a Russian domain VPN can be more helpful than any other.

FIFA WORLD CUP 2018, RUSSIA is true “magic meets the dream”  Immense in size and spanning millennia in time, Russia is a land of magic. Its mystical and enchanting tales from years gone by will combine with the heartfelt generosity and ambition of its people to welcome the world in 2018, in an unmatched atmosphere of warmth and hospitality.

Hosting the FIFA World Cup has been a dream for millions of people of Russia. Bringing this world-class event to life will be seen as a huge achievement by the whole country one that will live long in the memories of its people of Russia and the people world.

List of FIFA World Cup Qualifiers 2018

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